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Zoo vs Aquarium Membership

Each year the pros and cons of buying a membership is weighed and a tentative plan of field trips for the upcoming year is written down. ( I have a calendar and designated notebook just for family outings.) In the previous year 2016, we chose the aquarium membership because the price was slightly cheaper. See the post here.

This year I wanted to explore more options since the kids are a year older ages 7 and 9.  We wanted to visit more museums plus the zoo/aquariums in North Carolina. The current membership price is 84 dollars for the zoo and 75 dollars for the aquarium for the family membership for 1 year. Here is a breakdown of tentative field trips for the 2017/2018 school year.

  Zoo Membership Aquarium Membership
Kaleideum Kids Museum 50% off Full Price
Asheboro Zoo Free Free
 NC Aquariums Free Free
Durham Science Museum 50% off Full price
Greensboro Science Museum 50% off 50% off
Sylvan Heights  Waterfowl Park Free Free
Morehead Planetarium 50% off Full Price

Based on the chart it will be less out of pocket costs with the zoo membership. See my review on the Durham Life and Science Museum here

North Carolina Zoo Membership

North Carolina Aquarium Membership

What other factors go into choosing which memberships you purchase?

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