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Stop Nap and Go: Keeping your homeschool “WOKE”



I like to nap and I cannot lie…..

People say naps are for lazy individuals. But actually napping makes you more productive. I have always been a napping guru since birth. My mother always said I was a good baby because of my long naps. In my elementary school years summer vacation could not come fast enough. Why? Swimming, eat a tuna sandwich and take a nap till dinner time. Ah, the good ole days. During the high school years a nap was essential after school before homework. Then in college I scheduled my classes super early so I could be back in the dorm room for an afternoon nap. Later in my professional career, I would sometimes take naps during my lunch break. Here we are, the mom years. Yes you guess it I still take naps. When the baby and toddler years came, creativity was key. Nap when the baby naps and put the toddler in the playpen for 15 to 20 minutes.

So why are naps important?

More Alert

After a “fun filled” morning of homeschooling, I am exhausted. Some days I have zero energy to even think about what’s for dinner. A 20-30 minute power nap can improve your mood and alertness.

More Productive

So what exactly does “more productive” mean to a mom? Take a nap, wake up and have enough energy to keep the kids alive. Count it as a day.

Prevents Burnout

Burnout causes frustration and irritation. It flat out makes you want to cry and rock yourself in the corner. Fatigue is a beast that is without exception trying to take our joy.  As moms we can all use a boost of energy.


How to get the most out of a nap:

  • Throw away the mommy guilt
  • Get comfortable
  • Lie down
  • Can’t sleep, just relax and rest your eyes


For more information about sleep check out:



How do you find time to relax?

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