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Spelling Practice with a Twist

But spelling can only be done in workbooks..Right? Have you heard of Electric Company?

I wanted to add more spice to our spelling practice. Scrolling through Roku channels, I came across Electric Company on PBS Kids. Twenty minutes of spelling with catchy songs and hot beats! Score! Yes before “Hamilton” Lin Manuel Miranda taught kids letter sounds on the show.


How to incorporate activities with silent e

  • Be a ninja and find a word in the house with silent e
  • Create compound words with silent e with scrabble letters
  • How many silent e words can you name in a minute!

Artist girl and Cool guy have designated notebooks for spelling practice, nothing fancy just a good ole spiral notebook. Artist girl is required to write at least 10 words mentioned in an episode along with a fact and Cool guy is to write at least 20 words plus two facts. A fact can be a definition of one of the key words given in the beginning of the show such as “skeptical means not sure”.

After the show the list of spelling words are checked and questions are asked such as

  • Parts of Speech
  • Meanings/Definitions
  • Use words in a sentence
  • Spell the words while doing jumping jacks (Wait does this count as P.E.?)

For extra fun learn the Electric City dance. The kids will love it!

Check out PBS Kids for current full episodes and games.






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