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George Crum invented the potato chip. Say What? How and what he did is even funnier. He worked as a chef at Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York. A patron did not appreciate that his plate of french fried potatoes were too large and soft. Well, George decided to cut the potatoes super thin, fry them hard and add salt. It became a big hit and the potato chip was born.

He eventually opened his own restaurant which served a basket of potato chips at every table.  Crum never attempted to patent the potato chip but we all know how huge the chip industry is today. Check out these homemade potato chip recipes.

Alfred L. Cralle invented the ice cream scoop in 1897. (Have you tried scooping ice cream with a spoon?)  As a young man he worked as a carpenter with his father and grown to love mechanics. Alfred attended Wayland Seminary in Washington, DC for a few years and then decided to move to Pittsburg. He worked as a porter (A person who is hired to carry luggage and other loads) at a drugstore and hotel. While working at the drugstore he noticed the ice cream servers had a difficult time scooping ice cream. The servers had to use two hands or two different instruments to scoop the ice cream.

The ice cream scoop was invented and patented on February 2, 1897. It was originally called the Ice Cream Mold and Disher, it was designed to be used with one hand. Thank you Alfred L. Cralle for making our lives a little easier. Check out these homemade ice cream recipes.

Abby Fisher created one of the oldest African American cookbooks in 1881. She was a slave in South Carolina who was freed after the Civil War. Her family moved to San Francisco where she entered cooking competitions. In 1879 she was awarded a “diploma” at the Sacramento State fair and won two medals at the San Francisco Mechanics Institute.

It is believed that she first presented the recipe for chicken and waffles. Mrs. Fishers cookbook contains recipes for pies, broiled and roast meats, croquettes, sauces, puddings, preserves just to name a few. Her recipe for preserved peaches would be delicious over homemade ice cream.

What Mrs. Fisher Knows about Old Southern Cooking, Soups, Pickles, Preserves…

By Abby Fisher (Free e-book)

I highly recommend checking out this book at your local library, it’s a great read.

What Color is My World? The Lost History of African-American Inventors

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Raymond Obstfeld



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