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Family membership worth it?

Which type of membership fits your family lifestyle? Aquarium? Art? Science? Zoo? What are your child’s interest? What type of field trips do you want to take within a year? Do you frequent a particular museum in your area? Will a membership decrease out of pocket cost? Can a membership be helpful for frugal activities when traveling?

Family Book Review-The Water Princess

After visiting the African Art exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, I decided to purchase books from the kid’s recommended reading list. After reading excerpts of each book (yes I’m that mom), I narrowed it down to a few books to add to our home library. We wanted books that sparked family discussion and taught a valuable lesson.

Where ART thou?

Why should follow your local museums on social media? Following your local museums on social media opens doors to the most amazing finds. Recently the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC posted via Facebook about interest for a focus group study. This was super exciting because it would be a great opportunity for us to have a voice for the homeschool community.

Spelling Practice with a Twist

But spelling can only be done in workbooks..Right? Have you heard of Electric Company? I wanted to add more spice to our spelling practice. Scrolling through Roku channels, I came across Electric Company on PBS Kids. Twenty minutes of spelling with catchy songs and hot beats! Score! Yes before “Hamilton” Lin Manuel Miranda taught kids letter sounds on the show.