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Snack on This

  George Crum invented the potato chip. Say What? How and what he did is even funnier. He worked as a chef at Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York. A patron did not appreciate that his plate of french fried potatoes were too large and soft. Well, George decided to cut the potatoes super thin, fry them hard and add salt. It became a big hit and the potato chip was born.

Keep it Simple Science

Some of the best advice I received from a veteran homeschool mom was to concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic during the elementary school years. But I felt so much pressure to have an extensive science curriculum. Why? As a former scientist, my kids had to do a science project weekly, intense study of matter plus memorize the periodic table by age 8! So at the start of homeschool year two, we decided to keep it simple. So far so good, momma is less stressed. Wait, momma is less stressed!