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Why should follow your local museums on social media? Following your local museums on social media opens doors to the most amazing finds. Recently the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC posted via Facebook about interest for a focus group study. This was super exciting because it would be a great opportunity for us to have a voice for the homeschool community.

We were chosen to participate as a family and would be compensated for our time. (added bonus!). There was a total of nine families with children elementary school age and younger. Snacks were provided and there was an activity section for the younger kids. Cool guy, age 9 wanted to participate in the questionnaire while Artist girl, age 7 decided to read art books and play with Legos. It started promptly at 10am with the question “What are our favorite family activities?” I responded with “We are a homeschooling family and frequent museums for family field trips. The art museum is a great free option for an educational field trip but it would be great to have homeschool events and/or offer the free family tours during the week.”  The most interesting topics discussed was incorporating art with food culture, environmental impact and playful interaction.

Speaking of playful interaction, the hosts informed the group of a new hands on activity center within the African exhibit in the East building. After the focus group study we headed straight to the exhibit.


Threads of Experience

Create your own embroidery!

Take a closer look-who, what, how, why cloth is made!

Play with patterns!

There is an amazing reading space complete with chairs, pillows and beanbags for kids and adults to read books about African culture. Bookmarks are available with a kid’s reading list. https://catalog.wakegov.com/MyAccount/MyList/56139

The best part it’s a permanent exhibit! We will be adding a few of the recommended books to our home library and will be visiting this exhibit again soon.


Admission to the Museum’s permanent collection and Museum Park is free.

Have you participated in a focus group study and learned something new?


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