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NC Museum of Life and Science Durham

Is the price tag worth it? We recently visited the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. We have a NC family zoo membership which allows us, a family of four to pay half price for tickets.

Regular price tickets are 18.00/adult and 13.00/child. Yikes! This could be very pricey for a larger family, so with our zoo membership discount we paid a total of 31 dollars plus tax for 2 adults and 2 children.

Let’s see if the cost is worth it.

We decided to start outside to let out some energy from the hour long car ride. Farmyard and Hideaway Woods are the playgrounds. Hideaway Woods is a big play tree house, needless to say the kids played for about 30 minutes.

Next was the Dinosaur trail which consists of replicas of dinosaurs along with descriptions. I was shocked how much the kids already knew about dinosaurs from reading their monthly subscription of Highlights Magazine! Side note our kids share a magazine subscription because it “strengthens” their bond.

Lastly, we explored the wetlands.

It was a cool fall day so not much wildlife activity. Bears were sleeping and a few ducks swam in the pond. The lemurs were pretty active and we enjoyed watching the red wolves. The male wolf just arrived from the wolf conservatory in New York and the female wolf arrived from the Asheboro Zoo a few weeks ago.

The trail had lots of benches so we took frequent breaks to enjoy nature and to discuss interesting facts. The loop was longer than expected so next time I will bring extra snacks. After a brief lunch break (lunch was brought from home) we finished up the outdoor activities.

My favorite spot of the day was the butterfly garden. I could not help myself for singing “Butterfly in the sky! I can go twice as high!”

There was a small farm with alpacas, donkeys, pot belly pig and a few other animals.

Now off to the inside activities which felt like a fun facts paradise. So..yes we (the parents) enjoyed it.

Sound space is where your movement makes music. This was a hot spot for toddlers and preschoolers.There were stations with hands on activities about weather. The kids had to do the cloud exhibit several times.

Next we explored the Math Moves exhibit which included a room called contraptions, build something that does something for ages 7 and up.

Also on the first floor was an aerospace exhibit. One of the activities was design a paper airplane and test it!

By this time we had spent almost 4 hours at the museum but the kids were not ready to go! Our last stop was on the second floor which included activities of how shapes relate to math. My husband stayed at the origami station (it’s his new hobby), the kids enjoyed the music making station and the geometry math problems. My favorite display showed the similarities of a cook and a chemist. Artist girl age 7 loves to cook and I am a former chemist so it was neat to find another thing we have in common. I also loved that in each exhibit area there were comfy couches for the parents to relax and chill while the kids explored.

Is the price tag worth it? It can take a whole day to explore the museum so yes!

www.lifeandscience.org for more information

Free admission to Museum of Life + Science to Durham residents on Community Days

Top free things to do while in Durham NC  www.durham-nc.com/things-to-do/features/top-free-things-to-do

Do you live in or near a city that has a life and science museum?  What is your favorite exhibit?


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