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Some of the best advice I received from a veteran homeschool mom was to concentrate on reading, writing and arithmetic during the elementary school years. But I felt so much pressure to have an extensive science curriculum. Why? As a former scientist, my kids had to do a science project weekly, intense study of matter plus memorize the periodic table by age 8! So at the start of homeschool year two, we decided to keep it simple. So far so good, momma is less stressed. Wait, momma is less stressed!

Here is an example of how we do science at home for the month. Our current schedule is three weeks of school and one week off.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Week 1 Study Jams Study Jams

Science Project

Study Jams Study Jams
Week 2 Study Jams Study Jams Study Jams


Study Jams

Magic School Bus

Week 3 Study Jams Study Jams Study Jams Study Jams



Study Jams

Choose any topic, pick one subtopic, play the video and test yourself (multiple choice questions) each topic has four to fourteen subtopics per subject.

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • The Human Body
  • Ecosystem
  • Land forms, Rock ,Minerals
  • Weather/Climate
  • Solar System
  • Matter
  • Force/Motion
  • Energy, Light and Sound
  • Scientific Inquiry


The Magic School Bus and The Magic School Bus Rides Again on Netflix (Here are a few of our favorites)

  • Wet All Over explains Evaporation
  • The Magic School Bus Getting Energized explains different sources of energy
  • The Magic School Bus See Stars explains how stars are made
  • In the Swim explains ocean life

Pause-Discuss-Take Notes

Pause every 5 minutes or so

Discuss- what took place, what is the problem and what caused the problem

Take Notes

  • The main idea
  • What is the problem
  • How is the problem solved
  • Vocabulary words to look up


Documentaries on Netflix 

Pause-Discuss-Take Notes

  • Polar Bear: Spy on Ice
  • Baby Animals in the Wild
  • Planet Earth: The Complete Collection
  • Ocean Giants
  • Nature: Natural Born Hustlers (One of our favorites)
  • Africa
  • Wild China


Our monthly science project currently comes from STEM workbooks picked up from the dollar spot @ Target.

Fridays are left open for a science related field trip or class once a month.

See my post on the Durham Life and Science Museum here.

How do you keep it simple in your homeschool?

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