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Family membership worth it?

Which type of membership fits your family lifestyle? Aquarium? Art? Science? Zoo?

  • What are your child’s interest?
  • What type of field trips do you want to take within a year?
  • Do you frequent a particular museum in your area? Will a membership decrease out of pocket cost?
  • Can a membership be helpful for frugal activities when traveling?

In 2016 we started our homeschool journey. I didn’t want all of their learning to just come from workbooks and wanted family field trips to be a priority. We decided to purchase the North Carolina aquarium family membership because Artist girl loves marine life (mom too) and the price was reasonable. For 75 bucks we had the freedom to visit the zoo and aquariums in NC  unlimited for a whole year for a family of four. We decided to split up the zoo visits because yeah that uphill walking is a beast! The zoo was visited once in the spring and once in the fall. The aquarium @ Pine Knolls coincided with a birthday/ family vacation getaway for Artist girl. During the summer, Virginia Living Museum and the Virginia Zoo was combined for a road school adventure. Let’s break down what was paid out of pocket with the membership versus full price.

With membership Without membership
NC Zoo 2x Free 164.00
NC Aquarium Free 39.80
Virginia Zoo Free 53.80
Virginia Living Museum 35.00 70.00


Membership fee of 75.00 + Out of pocket costs 35.00 = 110.00

Without membership = 327.60

Savings of 217.60

The savings speaks for itself.

Have you considered buying a family membership?


2 thoughts on “Family membership worth it?

  1. We have a big family so signing up for a membership is usually most economical for us especially if we have plans to return. And, we love visiting them all. I wish our visits could be more regular.

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