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Big Hero 6 has been a favorite in our family for the last couple of years. This movie makes you feel compassion, happiness, sadness, and thankfulness. During our quarterly viewing, I realized this movie gave an abundance of encouragement for this homeschool era of our lives.

Main Characters

Hiro graduated high school at age 13 and is considered a genius.

Tadashi is Hiro’s older brother, a scientist.

Baymax’s occupation is a nurse and superhero.


World Labeling

Hiro easily could be portrayed as the “bad kid” but his brother Tadashi saw his potential and chose a different environment to challenge Hiro.

It was so exhausting feeling the need to prove to them (public school teachers and staff) that Cool Guy was an intelligent and all around good kid. I went above and beyond in the volunteer department and forced open lines of communication with his teachers. I knew the extent of his potential so we chose to change his environment.


Baymax’s purpose was for good in spite of Hiro wanting to use him as a weapon. His purpose was to help.

What is OUR purpose of homeschooling?

  • Teach Godly values
  • Experience limitless family time
  • Augment their remarkable gifts
  • Cultivate a supportive learning environment
  • Have an open line of communication

Encourage your child’s gifts

Tadashi cultivated Hiro’s gifts with encouragement and helped him to look at things in a different angle.

Hey I’m not giving up on you.”-Tadashi

Hey, you got this.”-Tadashi

Learning is not one size fits all. Cool Guy is excellent at math and Artist girl loves reading, art and cooking. Homeschool enables us to cater to their own unique learning styles.


Baymax had to recharge even though his purpose was to provide care.

As homeschool parents we provide guidance and need to recharge (take breaks). How can we give the best to our children if we don’t frequently recharge? We can not. Recharging is a must even if its 15 minutes of quiet time with a cup of coffee.

How often  do you recharge? Daily? Weekly?

What is your purpose for homeschooling?



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