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Am I wasting my science degree by homeschooling?

It is amazing how you think your life will go one way but God says Nope.

11th grade

I want to go to college but I have no clue what to major in. I thought long and hard about the subjects enjoyed during my public school career. English and Chemistry. I’m not sure what I can do with an English degree except teach. My mother was a teacher and while I was young she seemed to enjoy it but closer to retirement it became more of a chore. It became clear to me being a teacher was not my thing.  My chemistry teacher in high school was on fire about science which in turn made me excited about it. So I thought…

College, freshman year

Life or death to pick the “right” major. I pick Chemistry, step one complete. My parents bragged about me majoring in chemistry but deep down the desire was not there. I wanted a major that would secure my future. The unemployment rate in a science field was low at that time.

“You must be super smart.”

I loathed that statement.

My response, “I am average.”

I am not going to lie, chemistry kicked my butt for 4 long years. Many days I would cry and call out to the Lord for strength because of the pressure to earn this degree.

Since I was an average student, no internships were knocking at my door but I knew that God would provide. I didn’t know how but I knew he would.

After graduation

I landed my first laboratory job in less than a month testing local drinking water. The top students in my class didn’t even secure jobs yet. I was ever so grateful for God’s faithfulness.

I worked the job for six months. Within 2 years, I worked as an analytical chemist for a local pharmaceutical company. “I” had this plan to work my way up to become a group leader.

Then one day I told my husband, ” I’m ready to become a mommy”. I transferred out of the lab and became an auditor. (This is when the addiction to lists and charts began.) Becoming a mother did not happen overnight, actually it took 2.5 years. The Lord taught me patience during this waiting period. After my son was born, I realized being home with him is what I desired and enjoyed every phase of his development.

Money was tight going to one income. My husband and I taught ourselves how to reduce bills and stretch a dollar.  Coupons became my bestie. My husband fixed computers as a side job for grocery money. Beans became a staple in the pantry. I could have gone back to work but I didn’t want to.

Bird flu.

There was a shortage of workers with science experience. The recruiters started calling and I gave in and went back to work.  My son stayed sick all the time while in daycare. He caught pneumonia in the lungs. What am I doing to my child!  Adding to the excitement another surprise, I pregnant.

I finished out my contract and returned home. To my surprise, the company wanted to hire me full time. I could not bear to put both my kids in daycare so my husband quit his job and I went back to work for a whole year. I felt guilty about missing the first year of my daughter’s life.  After a year we were both ready to switch roles. He landed a job within 2 months and I was back at home with my loves.

Fast forward

Cool Guy starts kindergarten and Artist girl attends preschool twice a week. Every day running the streets, drop off, volunteer, what’s for dinner, long carpool lines. I missed my family. I hated being apart. I volunteered every week in their classes. Artist girl was so advanced that the preschool teachers couldn’t keep her occupied. This is when the thoughts of homeschool began to enter my mind.

No, I can’t homeschool right now, wait until middle school when it gets bad.

At the end of 2nd grade for Cool Guy, the last day was a school party and the parents were encouraged to attend. I knew how he performed academically for the whole school year because at every opportunity I volunteered. The students knew me and even shared their home life secrets. Every kid received an award.

My son receives the “Most Funny” award.

Then my daughter tells me at the beginning of the school year her teacher did not believe she could read!

My husband and I looked at each other and knew what the next step would be.

Are you satisfied with your care? No

And so our homeschool life begins….


What I have learned about my children within the first year of homeschooling.

  • Cool Guy loves math and coding but struggles with reading comprehension
  • Artist girl could care less about language arts but loves art and cooking
  • The love of planning road school adventures
  • An unexplained feeling of joy when my children finally get it!
  • How much we value quality time such as family read-a-louds

Homeschooling enables us to cater to their gifts and talents. I enjoy experiencing life with my kids and making memories.

Am I wasting my science degree by homeschooling? No


I am giving my children a chance to find their passion and help them to create a path to a career to which they love. Homeschooling has its ups and downs. We have grown closer as a family and I would not have it any other way.




10 thoughts on “Am I wasting my science degree by homeschooling?

  1. Wow! I think it’s amazing that you’re homeschooling your children and allowing them to find their passion. Kids grow up fast believe me my oldest are 25 and 21 years old. I can never get back their childhood and redo all the things I wish I would have done differently. But, with my 8 year old I have learned from my past with my older kids. You can always go back to work when your children are older.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I agree working when the kids are older can be an option.

  2. I love this! I was homeschooled, and can’t wait to do the same when my husband and I have kids! I always knew I wanted to someday be a stay at home mum and homeschool my kids, so I didn’t pursue university because I never wanted a career. I attended community college for two years and graduated with an Associate’s Degree at 17. I’m looking forward to when my husband and I have children, and to homeschooling them eventually!

  3. I love this article! I don’t have a degree to not waste, but I definitely hear from others sometimes that I should be doing something else. I don’t think spending time with your kids can ever be a waste.

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