How big is your Classroom?

Home, Road, and Life Learning
Count It!


Am I doing enough? Are we too rigid or too relaxed?

This blog was started for reassurance. Is a rigorous curriculum for 8 hours everyday necessary for a school day to be counted? Perhaps, but home, road, and life is all part of the experience. Exposure to experiences is important and doing it on a budget doesn’t hurt either. So how big can you make your classroom? It’s ok to step out of the box, it all counts toward the goal.

Whatever strategy you take towards homeschooling rest assure each read aloud, family game night, field trip, park day, eating dinner together counts.

I am a homeschool mom who is a former chemist/auditor. Writing step by step plans, charts and lists gives me life along with a freshly roasted cup of coffee. During my free time because yeah that’s important, I like to watch British television, musicals, and relax with good cup of tea. I’ve been married to my tech guy for 14 years and have two loves Cool Guy and Artist Girl.