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7 Free Educational Sites


There are so many awesome educational sites for the homeschooling family or for kids who just need extra help but where do you start? I’m always searching for new ideas to add to our school day. Here are a few of my favorite sites that my kids can work on themselves. We have only been homeschooling for 1 ½ years but our eclectic style works for us. Eclectic means to piece- it- together.   I like taking ideas and making it fit into our unique style of learning.

1.  Math Kid is for grades 1st thru 6th grade. It has a short tutorial about a particular subject such as subtraction regrouping. Next they can take a test and earn a badge! My kids motivation is to gain the cool badges of course.


2.  Step into Grammar is similar to Math kid but deals with parts of speech. It is not grade specific. My kids ages 7 and 9 both do the lessons. It’s great as a refresher.


3.  ABCya has word, math, holiday, skill and strategy games. We currently do spanish word toss for extra spanish learning.


4.  PBSkids equals learning while having fun! This site has all of the PBS characters with fun learning games which is a big hit with my 7 year old daughter who loves Arthur. My son is an Electric Company kinda guy.


5.  Duolingo offers 23 languages. My kids are currently doing Spanish and I (kinda) am studying French. France I will see you on day!


6.  Study Jams is my j-a-m! This site has tutorials and quizzes in math and science. My kids pick their own science lesson daily. It’s amazing how much is retained when they have a choice.


7.  Reading.ecb.org teaches kids step by step reading strategies such as visualizing, creating a movie in your mind while reading. Yes..please!


Sometimes our school day just consist of working on these sites and its OK. Each step counts toward the goal.

What are some of your favorite free education sites?

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