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Stop Nap and Go: Keeping your homeschool “WOKE”

    I like to nap and I cannot lie….. People say naps are for lazy individuals. But actually napping makes you more productive. I have always been a napping guru since birth. My mother always said I was a good baby because of my long naps. In my elementary school years summer vacation could not come fast enough. Why? Swimming, eat a tuna sandwich and take a nap till dinner time. Ah, the good ole days. During the high school years a nap was essential after school before homework. Then in college I scheduled my classes super early so […]

Snack on This

  George Crum invented the potato chip. Say What? How and what he did is even funnier. He worked as a chef at Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York. A patron did not appreciate that his plate of french fried potatoes were too large and soft. Well, George decided to cut the potatoes super thin, fry them hard and add salt. It became a big hit and the potato chip was born.